Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So I got my HP Mini Note. It's a nice little machine. No annoying lame black keys ala Apple MacBooks but otherwise very similar to the astetic design of a Mac. The express card slot is a bonus -- need to get my work to order me a Sprint card. My USB Sprint dongle looks gigantic plugged into this thing.

I plan to flip this model on eBay when HP releases the ATOM version so I can run OSX86 on it. For now I'll settle with Windows. I was going to use Linux but about 2 minutes after starting it up I was already having Linux issues with wireless so that was a hint not to waste my time on it. 

Another really stupid thing: Apparently HP disables online updates for SUSE. I fumbled around for about 15m trying to find the update site for YaST but, again, it just seemed like a waste of time. 

Keyboard is good but the flatness of the keys and spacing is a little weird. Better than any other small form factor keyboard I've used but that's not saying a whole lot. The placement of the buttons on the side of the touchpad is a very smart move. You can rest your finger on the edge without hitting them by accident. 

Overall this is pretty close to the product Apple should have released yesterday. 

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