Thursday, October 23, 2008

OpenFiler on VMWARE ESX

So I think I've finally got this straight...

File Server VM: OpenFiler -- doesn't do AFTP but I'm really interested in trying out iSCSI. Why? Because I can. Plus, CFIS is just an ugly protocol. Way too much overhead. I'm not sure AFTP is much better. Lots of wasted packets. I'll probably need a CFIS share setup as a fallback though.

Downloading VM: I think I might consolidate this with my OSX Server VM. With screen sharing I can use Transmission which is about 1004.5% easier to use than rtorrent. Hella runs on anything so that's not a concern. I can throw the Logic node on there too. (not that I really NEED a Logic node with an octo-core system but hey, why not) I'm also interested in trying out networkable spotlight. I have 3 Macs so it's probably not a bad idea. Maybe home folder re-direction too?

And I don't think I need a personal Exchange. Too much trouble, nothing really worth saving.

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