Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Radical right's denial of reality

I think I understand why the Republicans have gone off the deep end in this election with their dangerous hate mongering.

They are in denial.

8 years of Republican control:

-2 official wars. Neither one ends in victory while their illustrious leader is still in office. (despite the famous Mission Accomplished photo op)
-Recession, perhaps a depression. Biggest financial crisis since the depression.
-Abortion? Still legal.
-Gay rights? Steadily progressing
-Immigration? Well I guess tanking the economy is one way of stopping the flow of illegals. So they get partial credit there.
-Nuclear Iran.
-Resurgence of Russia under a Republican's watch
-Man made climate change? Accepted by the vast majority of the population despite the efforts of the administration to deny it.
-Strong military? The ones who haven't been mentally or physically damaged by Iraq are strong I suppose but after Walter Reed and the lack of proper post-war planning in Iraq I have to believe many of these military families are starting to question their blind allegiance to the Republican party.
-Fighting socialism? Nationalized banking system. Nationalized housing. Nationalized airlines. Nationalized car companies. We're not quite there yet but we're closer than we have ever been.
-Affirmative action? Title 9? Other equal rights programs? Doing just fine.
-Smaller government? If by smaller you mean massively larger than any Democrat could have ever dreamed of 20 years ago then yes. If not, then no.
-School vouchers? Nope.
-Privatized social security? Nope. (good thing too eh?)
-Bipartisanship? Something Gov. Bush ran on heavily in 2000? Absolutely not. More divided than ever.

So ultimately 8 years later I wonder why any conservative would be happy to vote for a Republican? The radical right is so angry and hateful because they can't accept what a failure the Republican party has been for the last 8 years. They're mad at McCain, they're mad at Obama. They're mad at the media. Maybe it's time to step back and re-examine your own party?

Instead they have rallied behind Sarah Palin -- why? Because she's not McCain, she's not Obama. Instead of using her fervent support from the right for good, she has used it for evil. I don't believe she truly understood what she was doing. I don't think she really understood the dangerous fanatical streak of the radical right and its potential for destruction. These are some of the same people who murder abortion doctors and bomb clinics. Drag black people behind their pickup trucks for fun. Say what you will about Bush but at least he never flat out stroked the flames of hate in such a dangerous and irresponsible way. His political tactics, by comparison of the McCain campaign and primarily Sarah Palin, were tame.

When Obama wins this election I'm really fearful to see what the fringe elements in the Republican party do. I can't honestly say that murders and bombings are out of the question for them. They've done it before. Whoever ends up being the standard barrier for the Republican party going forward has a responsibility to reign these people in.

In all honesty, I am more scared of the radical right than I am of any Islamic terrorist organizations operating in the US today.

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