Sunday, October 19, 2008

Powell endorsement

I don't typically think endorsements make much difference in elections but the timing of Powell's endorsement, combined with general distrust & disillusionment with the Republican party, might make a real difference this time. I think a lot of moderate Republicans are not happy with their party right now and look at someone like Powell as sharing their values & concerns. I see this type of Republican as the typical 80's Reagan Republican who is getting hit especially hard by the financial crisis who perhaps doesn't have any strong social issues keeping them tied to the Republican party.

Powell's endorsement is also very good for Obama's military and foreign policy credentials. Anyone who was on the fence about that should be reassured now that a man who was instrumental in the last 20 years of US policy is on-board. My rule is if you have a military doctrine named after you, you're opinion on military issues is worth listening to.

There's also the race angle... the radical right trying to make this endorsement a racial issue are making themselves look desperate, out of touch, and pathetic. There's plenty of good reasons for Republicans to support Obama. It doesn't have to be a racial issue. Anyone who tries to make it one is showing how brainwashed they truly are. There's quite a collection of white Republicans endorsing Obama too -- including William F Buckley's son. If you've got white people from the National Review supporting you I think it's safe to say it's not a racial issue.

From a media stand point Powell will be the dominate story tomorrow, perhaps into mid-week depending how far the Republicans want to go with the race baiting. If they really want to go down that road there will be a media backlash over it. That will give this story legs all week long.

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