Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe isn't poor...

How many average Americans own businesses? How many are in a position to own a business anytime in their life?

Is Joe worrying about his mortgage payment? or his kids college education? If he has enough money in the bank to buy a small business.... no probably not.

McCain said something about living outside your means... well maybe every American can't own a business?

What's more important? Joe owning a business or Joe's neighbor owning his house?

I do think small businesses are very important for job creation but in this crisis we need to realize the people feeling it the most are the poor or middle-class. Joe, at worst, is upper middle-class.

What's Joe going to do when people just don't have the cash to renovate their homes and pay ole' Joe to do the plumbing work?

What's Joe going to do when he can't afford health care for his employees?

I didn't hear anything from McCain to suggest he's worried about those types of problems.

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