Thursday, October 16, 2008

"MacPro" 2.0

Apparently is doing some 20-30% off promo with eBay right now so my Intel "MacPro" design might actually be affordable:

Asus DSBF-DE $190 -30% = $133
4GB FB-DDR2 5300 $149 - 30% = $105
2x Xeon 5330 2.13ghz CPUs $400 - 30% = $280

$518 -$50 (paypal rewards)


Tempting.... Gotta act fast though or this cheap DSBF-DE is going to be sold. I'd like to make my mind up tonight.

The DSBF-DE has overclocking options so it should be possible to get ~2.6ghz out of these chips. The other factor I have to consider is the size of the board. I've fit an E-ATX board into this case before but there wasn't much room to spare. The placement of the CPU sockets on this board might be an issue. I can rip out some drive bays if I have to I guess.

Got a supported u320 SCSI card and I already had a 300GB SCSI drive.

This should be an amazing Logic system.

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