Friday, October 17, 2008


I couldn't use the 30% off since uses their own weird eBay checkout system so I canceled my order with them. I found some FB-DIMMS cheap so I ordered a Tyan Tempest S2692 5000x board instead. Luckily my order with Kingston never went through so everything worked out pretty well. Saved an additional $100 or so in the process.

I decided to go for 8GB so I can do 4x2GB and utilize the quad channel memory controller on the 5000x. Now I need to consider a new case. The MB will fit in the one I have now but it has seen better days. Probably time for a new case anyway.

I think it's interesting Microsoft is basically paying people to use with this cash back program. I doubt I'd actually use but I do think the way they handle their frontpage is neat. The search box has a background image that includes little mouse-overs. The one I saw today was some rope bridge over a gully and the mouse over was "How are rope bridges made?" Neat idea.

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