Monday, October 27, 2008

Redistribution of wealth

Here's why the "redistribution of wealth" attack doesn't work: Most people don't make over $250k a year. Most people feel like the rich cheat their way out of paying their fair share of taxes anyway. People making under $250k a year will get a tax cut. People who are really upset about taxes, especially the ones making more than $250k a year, were already voting for McCain. 95% of all small businesses don't make over $250k a year of taxable income. Cutting taxes for the poor & middle-class end up helping small business anyway.
Companies have been moving overseas and laundering money through off-shore accounts even while Bush was cutting their taxes. There's little or no proof more tax cuts for the wealthy would stop that trend.
The same attack was used against Bill Clinton and things worked out just swimmingly for the poor & middle-class.

Most Americans are smart enough to realize we're paying for 2 wars and a huge financial bailout. They understand someone has to pay the bill. People who got rich off oil futures, war profiteering, and cut throat lending are the ones we want to pay for it. Not us.

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