Sunday, October 26, 2008


You'd think with the names being so similar it would work. Apparently VMWARE won't support any regular ole' SATA controllers -- only SAS & SCSI.

I guess that forces my hand. I'll have to do a FreeNAS or OpenFiler NAS and a separate ESX server. I'll probably use a GigE crossover cable between the two boxes for a dedicated SAN backbone.

I think this is definitely a better way to do things but I have a deep hatred for artificial software limitations. I know my 3WARE card works in Linux. I know SATA is reliable enough for what I'm doing here. I should be able to make it work. It's my stuff, I decide to take the "risk"

Anyway, that means I need to buy that Lian Li case now. Probably won't get to finish this project up until after my trip to Boston now.

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