Tuesday, October 21, 2008

National polling 10-21

Looks like the national numbers are falling back into line again. It'll be interesting to see if the Powell endorsement is having a real effect or we're just seeing the typical weekend vs. weekday polling swings. It's probably a good thing these weekend numbers shrink Obama's lead -- it'll keep people on the ball and prepared to actually vote. It's too easy to say "he's going to win anyway" and blow it off.

New polling out of IN is almost too good to be true. PPP has Obama up 2. I think these numbers are probably closer to being an outliner but there's no dobut Obama is surging in IN. That's probably going to help in north-western OH also. Southern OH is a lost cause -- those people would vote for Hitler over a black Democrat. McCain can have them.

NC looks solid too. I kinda doubt we'll win it but it bodes well for VA. If Obama wins VA it's over unless McCain can flip PA. Given how many resources McCain is putting into PA I'm more than a little worried he knows something we don't. Perhaps the racist country people are giong to come out in droves to make sure a black man isn't President. I guess we won't know what the hell McCain's strategy is there until after the election is over. I do think PA is his best bet to flip a blue state so perhaps he's just fighting there because there are no better options. Given how the other battleground states are going flipping PA might not even be enough for him anyway.

If we can finish this week with some strong numbers I think it becomes virtually impossible for McCain to turn it around. He needed to start moving the polls 2 weeks ago. Right now we're just seeing the typical polling/MOE bounces. There's really no concrete evidence to suggest McCain is making any headway.

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