Friday, March 13, 2009


Is it intelligent to veto a bill over 2%? Should the passage of the bill be delayed by weeks to cut 2%? Should congress be tied up debating 2%? Should the President and leadership in Congress spend time trying to win the political battle? Over 2%? We frankly have more important things to deal with right now. In time hopefully the ear mark process can be reformed. The problems with the economy are definitely the main focus right now. Does anyone think slashing the 2% of ear mark spending is going to fix the economy? Of course not... Why are we talking about it right now?

Is it maybe a ploy to distract us from talking about the important things? A huge increase in science spending. A huge increase in funding for alternative energy programs. Huge infrastructure (road & bridge) repair projects. Spending for health care to keep people alive. If you're dead you don't care about the 2% of ear marks that were or were not cut from a federal budget. (such projects including side walk construction in a school district) Real reform to decrease pollution via cap & trade. Major changes in Iraq & Afghanistan.

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