Monday, November 17, 2008

It's nice to be a Mac user

I got a new (used) laptop today from a friend of a friend. I did a quick OSX install to start fresh. So I started installing stuff. In about 30 minutes I was done. I just didn't have to do much to get it to a functional state.

1) All the hardware worked. Didn't have to go hunt down drivers on HP or Dell's website.
2) Didn't come with any adware or spyware pre-installed.
3) Didn't need to install an SSH client (my primary work tool)
4) Didn't have to install disk burning software (it burns ISOs & data disks, that's all that matters to me)
5) Didn't have to install unzipping utilities. It supports just about everything out of the box.
6) Didn't have to install a VNC or SSH server. Just had to click a checkmark.
7) Logged into MobileMe, all my bookmarks & keychains and Mail settings synced up automatically.
8) Didn't have to put in a CD key or activate

So basically all I need to do on a new Mac is:

-Install Adium
-Install Perian
-Login to MobileME and wait a few minutes
-Run Software Update a few times
-Drag the contents of my Applications folder from another Mac


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